Steve Wilkinson - ComposerSteve Wilkinson is an award winning composer and instrumentalist living in the Los Angeles area of California.

Born into a musical family, Steve began studying piano as a child and quickly excelled on the instrument. In secondary school, he found lower brass more to his liking, but found more opportunities on the electric bass, which along with piano availed him touring opportunities in the United States, Canada and Europe – all while still a teenager.

Deciding to suspend his touring schedule, Steve received the highest music scholarship ever given at that time to attend Azusa Pacific College in the Los Angeles area, and graduated with a combined degree of Music Compostion and Education two and a half years later, having been given by his peers the Most Outstanding Music Major award.

Staying in the Los Angeles area, Steve again resumed international touring with the major Christian artists of 1990s, which included guitar phenom Phil Keaggy, Bryan Duncan, Shiela Walsh, Randy Stonehill and David Edwards.

Sensing a call to have a greater presence in the Los Angeles commercial music scene, he opted instead for locally based music work and soon was working as a live and studio musician in all the major L.A. studios, and assisting other Los Angeles based composers David T. Clydesdale and Don Harper in their productions. One of Steve’s compositions was heard by a producer for Walt Disney Imagineering, who asked Steve to compose, arrange and orchestrate music for a new Tokyo Disney theme park. This began a partnership that continues to this day and has included over a dozen major endeavors that have seen Steve record projects on three continents, and has led to various commissions by other productions seeking his compositions, arrangements, orchestrations, or conducting skills. A few of these clients include Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede venues, as well as the epic Sight & Sound Theatres in Lancaster County, PA and Branson, MO.

As an electric bassist, he’s recently toured internationally with vocal legend Frankie Valli, legendary composer Ralph Carmichael and his Big Band, and Grammy-winning artist Melissa Manchester.

Steve Wilkinson’s Resume

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